Thursday, 16 April 2015


1460001_863608873669335_4589872178313206912_nTonbara Inokoba wrote and i concord: i now see reasons why the people of kiama should vote for Hon Tonye Emmanuel Isenah this coming Saturday.

I want to sincerely appreciate the great people of kiama/olobiri for their unlimited support for their son Hon. Tonye ISENAH. We all know that your son (HON.TONYE ISENAH) has expressed his gratitude in diverse ways, some of which are mentioned below
1. His swearing-in reception was deliberately taken to kiama, to express his gratitude to the people of this great community kiama
2. He, instead of appointing his brothers or sisters as his personal assistant he rather picked a young vibrant and proactive gentle man, mr.stephen korikori to be his personal assistant.

3. Hon Tonye ISENAH constructed a concrete walk way in kiama, materials and human resources were from kiama community in the construction work and today the project has been proven to be of standard.

4. Time came for recommendation for appointments, Hon. Tonye ISENAH recommended a two young and dynamic leaders Hon. Bolouo ( SSA to the speaker) and Hon. Suoyo Appah (SSA to the Governor NYSC), both are sons from kiama and olobiri.
5. Hon.Tonye ISENAH organized vacation skill acquisition programs in his constituency and was being supervised by his SSA non-indigenes Hon Ebi Patrick Warikoru.
6. In bayelsa state, you hardly find a legislator establishing a constituency office in their various constituencies, but this is one man that took it as a point of duty to reach out to his constituents once every week at his constituency office in kiama, work force was employed from the same community kiama and made it so comfortable for constituents to visit any day any time.
7. Hon Tonye ISENAH contribute to the completion of the kiama mosque for the Muslim community in kiama, that tell you that his benevolence cut across tribe and religion in that very community kiama. Etc
From this mentioned few above it tells that the young legislator has done his best in his capacity to meet up the needs of his constituents especially kiama, scholarships were given to further education in other parts of the world and kiama sons and daughters benefited from his benevolence.
We know that the kiama people appreciate his good will towards kiama and for that reason want continuity of his good works, I still want to advise that the same way Hon.Tonye Emanuel ISENAH has been steadfast towards the development of human resources in kolokuma/opokuma constituency 1, in the same vein want to appeal for the steadfastness of the people of kiama not to be deceived by people who do not mean well for the constituency. We remain grateful for your support and victory is sure for continuity come 18th April 2015. God bless you all
Hon Tonbara Inokoba
SSA MDG to Hon. Tonye ISENAH

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