Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Anti-party activities: Bayelsa PDP probes Senator Paulker, Jonathan's Aides ...may wield big stick against erring members

Anti-party activities: Bayelsa PDP probes Senator Paulker, Jonathan's Aides
...may wield big stick against erring members

Indications have emerged that Bayelsa State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is contemplating instituting a probe into the anti-party activities of Senator Emmanuel Paulker in the recently concluded State House of Assembly elections.
A source which did mot want his name mentioned because he is not authorised to speak on the development stated that those concerned were to be expelled for alleged anti-party activities.
Besides, there are indications that the PDP is also probing the role of some of the chieftains of the party, including some top aides of the President Goodluck Jonathan for allegedly working against the interest of its candidate in the elections.

Sources said the leadership of the party in the state had summoned and queried some top party chiefs in the state over their non-committal role and anti-party activities during the House of Assembly elections, especially the open support given to APGA, Labour Party and APC candidates.
For instance, the source gave clear instances where Senator Paulker and his wife reportedly mobilized thugs and resources against the interest of the PDP candidate in favour of his preferred APGA candidate, and in the process allegedly ordering his thugs to beat up the PDP agent for daring to challenge him.
According to the source, the Senator "looked like a wounded lion as he was stopped from having his way."
"The bigwigs in the PDP in the state are working closely with our opponents which is clearly a case of anti-party. Obviously no serious leadership especially at this time will tolerate this kind of behaviour and very soon they will be repelled from the party. These are persons who should know better the implications of their actions, having regrettably used the party's platform to attain national recognition and positions of influence and affluence only to become traitors working against the PDP".
The source claimed that the PDP leadership in the state was miffed to know about recent actions of the alleged culprits which indicated that they where working for candidates of the opposing political party in the house of assembly elections.

The source said since it almost certain that the so-called Jonathan’s men are set to dump the PDP, the leadership of the party has threatened to wield the big stick against all erring members once the disciplinary committee looking into the matter submits the report of its findings.

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