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A typical Sunday service at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun, Lagos, is an event-filled one. Working through the power and might of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men at each service confirm the promise of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures that those who have true, total faith in Him would do even greater things than the ones He, Jesus, did to prove His divinity on earth.

True to this promise, at The SCOAN, many possessed of demons and those under spiritual bondage of every description are set at liberty through the power of the Almighty God. The SCOAN is appropriately called the Arena of Liberty-  for as many that went there, who accepted and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and diligently sought Him as the only name under heaven given unto men for salvation, received they theirhealing. This is why Prophet T.B. Joshua has made it clear that the purpose of healing is for salvation (deliverance) and for the glory of God.

However, beyond the myriads of miracles that take place at every service at The SCOAN, Prophet T. B. Joshua has proved to be a quintessential vessel of the Lord, working in mathematical precision and perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit. This great prophet of God of our time is in every sense a leading light in the worldwide great commission, as he preaches the Word of God with authority and power in accordance with God’s will for mankind.


To begin with, Prophet T.B. Joshua is not only preaching love for one another but hepractices that love he preaches. We can easily see this from the humanitarian efforts of his ministry, which sees in all men the image of God. The international ministry of ProphetT.B. Joshua knows no boundary, no colour, no tribe, no nationality, no religion, no creed, no cult, etc. To him, all men are created in the image of the living and perfect God of all flesh and they should all be shown the godly love given commandment in God’s Word.

This is why the beneficiaries in the ministry’s philanthropy and scholarship programme are drawn from all faith one can think of. Whether or not one is a Catholic, a Muslim, an Anglican, a Methodist, a Jehovah's Witness, a Pentecostal, an Adventist, a traditionalist,an atheist, etc is not a prerequisite. In the same vein, being a member of The SCOAN is not a condition to benefit from T.B. Joshua's magnanimity. For example, under the banner of The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV, there are such scholarships for the physically challenged and other indigent students running into hundredsIt is not surprising thatmany of the beneficiaries are nationals of other countries, as are Nigerians, some of whom are pursuing their studies in overseas universities under The SCOAN scholarship scheme.

Since he does not discriminate against anyone based on their nationality, religion, tribe or colour of skin, what matters to him most is the hunger to solve a problem or meet a need. The most impressive aspect of T.B. Joshua's life-changing and soul-saving evangelical and deliverance ministry is that he is not interested in opening up branches of The SCOAN at every street, town, or city; neither is he interested in "converting" people to become members of The SCOAN. He is only interested in salvation and deliverance through the Lord Jesus Christ because the body Christ is indubitably one without denominational groupings.

Another area that remarkably stands T.B. Joshua out is that he gives to the needy at every opportunity that offers itself. This could be giving out food, money, scholarship, cars, etc to people who really need a helping hand from the church. Without any fear of contradiction, T.B. Joshua's primary assignment in the vineyard of the Lord today is to save souls for the Kingdom of God and to use The SCOAN as much as possible to positively impact lives in a degenerate generation. And the Lord who has called him to labour in His vineyard is helping him. What makes T.B. Joshua stand out are, but not limited to, the following:

He has used his ministry to restore and rekindle the love and interest of millions in the gospel of Jesus Christ, who had hitherto lost interest in the Word of God. The dead faith of many has resurrected as they have returned to their Creator through faith.
He makes himself an epitome of love by following the good example of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He gives the glory to the Lord Jesus, knowing that it is only Jesus whom all authority has been given, that heals, restores and delivers.
He uses the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to accomplish the great works and miracles to the glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Discrimination of any kind has no entry in the dictionary of his Christianity.

What motivated the scripting of this piece was the Sunday service at The SCOAN on September 9, 2012. Pointing in my direction, T. B. Joshua remarked that some of the people in the gallery were good writers and journalists who could tell the world about the good works taking place at The SCOAN. There and then, I concluded that I must write something about The SCOAN for the world to read. That day, I saw firsthand what the Almighty God is using T.B. Joshua to accomplish for humanity in these perilous times.Indeed, the Almighty God is providing direction to mankind through Prophet T.B. Joshua in these last days foretold in the Scriptures.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man with a heart of gold. He has demonstrated in practical terms that the substance and strength of a true servant of God lies in giving to the poor out of that which God has provided. In fact, he has rewritten the grammar of giving and philanthropy in a world where self-centeredness, greed and indifference to humansuffering have assumed the status of the norm rather than the exception.

His is a divine mission to provide light and direction to mankind in this generation. Therefore, any tongue that condemns him on account of his works (read fruits) under the direction of the Holy Spirit will only end up being condemned. The right thing then to do is to appreciate what he is doing and pray for more of God's grace to enable him and his ministry to do more in this great worldwide project 

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