Sunday, 11 September 2011

Words of wisdom and knowledge

prophets are sent to utter the deep things of God for the conviction of sin. The power of prophecy is the power of God that we cannot use to condemn people. Such power cannot condemn, it blesses; such power cannot destroy, it delivers. Anyone that has this gift of God to loose, to bind, to heal  you will never see them condemn, destroy or criticise others. It’s forbidden. If you are one that condemns, criticises or prays against your fellow brothers, it means you have no power of God.
First, the baptism of the Holy Spirit grants power, joy and peace for service. When you have joy and peace, you have everything. It is when you look round and you see people doing better than you, you will become envious.
We are created to be at the centre of our own world; this is what we are created for, this is what we are to live for and this is what we are to die for. When you are at the centre of your own world, you will even bless your enemy. When people say, “You are stupid,” you will say, “God bless you.” But when you are not at the centre of your own world, you will be unnecessarily hostile. Those who are being criticised also need to be careful because when people begin to talk too much about you, it makes you too proud. You will ask yourself, “Am I the only person in this world? Why me? Only me?” If you are not relevant, people will not talk about you.

Written by T.B. Joshua

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