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Inauguration Address By Goodluck Jonathan

Inauguration Address by , President
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR
On the Occasion of His Swearing-in as
President, Commander-in-Chief of the
Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria On Sunday, 29th May, 2011
1. My Dear Compatriots, I stand in
humble gratitude to you, this day, having
just sworn to the oath of office as
President, Commander-in-Chief of the
Armed Forces of our great nation.
2. I thank you all, fellow citizens, for the
trust and confidence, which you have
demonstrated through the power of
your vote. I want to assure you, that I
will do my utmost at all times, to
continue to deserve your trust.
3. I would like to specially
acknowledge the presence in our midst
today, of Brother Heads of State and
Government, who have come to share
this joyous moment with us. Your
Excellencies, I thank you for your
solidarity. I also wish to express my
gratitude, to the Representatives of
Heads of State and Government who are
here with us. My appreciation also goes
to the chairperson of the African Union
and other world leaders, our
development partners, and all our
distinguished guests.
4. I want to specially thank all
Nigerians for staying the course in our
collective commitment to build a
democratic nation. To members of the
PDP family and members of other
political parties, who have demonstrated
faith in our democratic enterprise, I
salute you.
5. At this juncture, let me acknowledge
and salute my friend and brother, Vice-
President Namadi Sambo; and my dear
wife, Patience, who has been a strong
pillar of support.
6. I thank her for galvanizing and
mobilizing Nigerian women for the
cause of democracy. In the same vein, I
owe a debt of gratitude to my mother
and late father. I cannot thank them
7. I cannot but pay tribute to our late
President, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua,
with whom we won the Presidential
election four years ago, when I
contested as his running mate. May God
bless his soul.
8. I also wish to pay tribute to our
founding fathers, whose enduring
sacrifices and abiding faith in the unity
and greatness of our country, laid the
foundation for the nation. We take
enormous pride in their contributions.
The pivotal task of this generation, is to
lift our fatherland to the summit of
9. Your Excellencies, Distinguished
Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier this year,
over seventy-three million eligible
Nigerians endured all manner of
inconvenience just to secure their voters
cards, in order to exercise the right to
choose those that will govern them.
10. At the polls, we saw the most
dramatic expressions of the hunger for
democracy. Stories of courage and
patriotism were repeated in many ways,
including how fellow citizens helped
physically challenged voters into polling
stations to enable them exercise their
franchise. The inspiring story of the one
hundred and three year-old man, and
many like him across the country, who
struggled against the physical limitations
of age to cast their vote, is noteworthy.
11. Such determination derives from
the typical Nigerian spirit of resilience in
the face of the greatest of odds. That
spirit has, over the years, stirred our
hopes, doused our fears, and
encouraged us to gather ourselves to
build a strong nation even when others
doubted our capacity.
12. Today, our unity is firm, and our
purpose is strong. Our determination
unshakable. Together, we will unite our
nation and improve the living standards
of all our peoples whether in the North
or in the South; in the East or in the
West. Our decade of development has
begun. The march is on. The day of
transformation begins today. We will
not allow anyone exploit differences in
creed or tongue, to set us one against
another. Let me at this point
congratulate the elected Governors,
Senators, members of the House of
Representatives and those of the States
Houses of Assembly for their victories at
the polls.
13. I am mindful that I represent the
shared aspiration of all our people to
forge a united Nigeria: a land of justice,
opportunity and plenty. Confident that a
people that are truly committed to a
noble ideal, cannot be denied the
realization of their vision, I assure you
that this dream of Nigeria, that is so
deeply felt by millions, will indeed come
to reality.
14. A decade ago, it would have been a
mere daydream to think that a citizen
from a minority ethnic group could
galvanize national support, on an
unprecedented scale, to discard ancient
prejudices, and win the people’s
mandate as President of our beloved
country. That result emanated from the
toil and sacrifice of innumerable
individuals and institutions, many of
whom may never get to receive public
appreciation for their effort.
15. Only a couple of days ago, I
received an entry on my Facebook page.
It was sent by Mr. Babajide Orevba. He
wrote to inform me that I had lost
a great fan. That fan was his father, Mr.
Emmanuel Bamidele Orevba. The
deceased, the son told me, was no
politician, but had campaigned
enthusiastically for my ticket. Tragically,
overwhelmed by the joy of our victory,
he collapsed, and passed on three days
later. I pray God Almighty to grant his
soul eternal rest.
16. The success of the 2011 elections
and the widespread acclaim which the
exercise received was due to the
uncommon patriotism and diligence
exhibited by many Nigerians, including
members of the Armed Forces, National
Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and others.
Unfortunately, despite the free, fair and
transparent manner the elections were
conducted, a senseless wave of violence
in some parts of the country led to the
death of ten members of the NYSC and
others. These brave men and women
paid the supreme sacrifice in the service
of our fatherland. They are heroes of our
democracy. We offer our heartfelt
prayers and condolences in respect of all
those who lost their lives.
17. In the days ahead, those of us that
you have elected to serve must show
that we are men and women with the
patriotism and passion, to match the
hopes and aspirations of you, the great
people of this country. We must
demonstrate the leadership,
statesmanship, vision, capacity, and
sacrifice, to transform our nation. We
must strengthen common grounds,
develop new areas of understanding
and collaboration, and seek fresh ideas,
that will enrich our national consensus.
18. It is the supreme task of this
generation to give
hope to the hopeless, strength to the
weak and protection to the defenceless.
19. Fellow citizens, the leadership we
have pledged is decidedly
transformative. The transformation will
be achieved in all the critical sectors,
by harnessing the creative energies of
our people.
20. We must grow the economy, create
jobs, and generate enduring happiness
for our people. I have great confidence
in the ability of Nigerians to transform
this country. The urgent task of my
administration is to provide a suitable
environment, for productive activities to
flourish. I therefore call on the good
people of Nigeria, to enlist as agents of
this great transformation.
21. My dear countrymen and women,
being a Nigerian is a blessing. It is also a
great responsibility. We must make a
vow that, together, we will make the
Nigerian Enterprise thrive.
22. The leadership and the
followership must strive to convert our
vast human and natural resources into
the force that leads to a greater Nigeria.
The Nigeria of our dreams must be built
on hard work and not on short cuts. Let
me salute the Nigerian workers who
build our communities, cities and
country. They deserve fair rewards, and
so do the women that raise our children,
and the rural dwellers that grow our
23. The moment is right. The signs are
heart-warming. We are ready to take off
on the path of sustained growth and
economic development. In our
economic strategy, there will be
appropriate policy support to the real
sector of the economy, so that Small and
Medium Enterprises may thrive. Nigeria
is blessed with enormous natural
wealth, and my Administration will
continue to encourage locally owned
enterprises to take advantage of our
resources in growing the domestic
economy. A robust private sector is vital
to providing jobs for our rapidly
expanding population. But this must be
a collaborative effort.
24. We must form technical and
financial partnerships with global
businesses and organizations. We live in
an age where no country can survive on
its own; countries depend on each other
for economic well-being. Nigeria is no
different. Returns on investment in
Nigeria remain among the highest in the
world. We will continue to welcome
sustainable investment in our economy.
25. We will push programs and policies
that will benefit both local and foreign
businesses, but we must emphasize
mutual benefits and win-win
relationships. The overall ongoing
reforms in the banking and financial
sectors are therefore designed to
support the real sector of the economy.
26. To drive our overall economic
vision, the power sector reform is at the
heart of our industrialization strategy. I
call on all stakeholders, to cooperate
with my administration, to ensure the
success of the reforms.
27. Over the next four years, attention
will be focused on rebuilding our
infrastructure. We will create greater
access to quality education and
improved health care delivery. We will
pay special attention to the agricultural
sector, to enable it play its role of
ensuring food security and massive job
creation for our people.
28. The creation of the Nigerian
Sovereign Investment Authority will
immensely contribute to strengthening
our fiscal framework, by
institutionalizing savings of our
commodity-related revenues. With this
mechanism in place, we will avoid the
boom and bust cycles, and mitigate our
exposure to oil price volatility.
29. The lesson we have learnt is that
the resolution of
the Niger Delta issue is crucial for the
health of the nation’s economy. In the
interest of justice, equity and national
unity, we shall actively promote
the development of the region. I believe
that peace is a necessary condition for
30. Fellow citizens, in every decision, I
shall always place the common good
before all else. The bane of corruption
shall be met by the overwhelming force
of our collective determination, to rid
our nation of this scourge. The fight
against corruption is a war in which we
must all enlist, so that the limited
resources of this nation will be used for
the growth of our common wealth.
31. I am confident that we have every
reason to look to the future with hope.
We owe ourselves and posterity the duty
of making this country respectable in the
comity of nations. Nigeria, as a
responsible member of the international
community, will remain committed to the
maintenance of global peace and
security. We will
continue to play an active role in the
United Nations. Our role in the African
Union, ECOWAS, and the Gulf of Guinea
will be enhanced to ensure greater
human and energy security.
32. Your Excellencies, Distinguished
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a new
dawn for Africa. We fought for
decolonization. We will now fight for
Nigeria, in partnership with the African
Union, will lead the process for
democracy and development in Africa. In
particular, we will support the
consolidation of democracy, good
governance and human rights in
the continent. Africa must develop its
vast resources to tackle poverty and
33. Conscious of the negative effect of
insecurity on growth and development,
my Administration will seek
collaboration at bilateral and multilateral
levels, to improve our capability in
combating trans-border crimes. In this
regard, we will intensify our advocacy
against the illicit trades in small arms
and light weapons, which have become
the catalyst for conflicts on the African
continent. All Nigerian diplomatic
missions abroad are to accord this
vision of defending the dignity of
humanity the highest priority.
34. My fellow countrymen and women,
Nigeria is not just a land of promise; it
shall be a nation where positive change
will continue to take place, for the good
of our people. The time for lamentation
is over. This is the era of transformation.
This is the time for action. But Nigeria
can only be transformed if we all play
our parts with commitment and
sincerity. Cynicism and skepticism will
not help our journey to greatness. Let us
all believe in a new Nigeria. Let us work
together to build a great country that we
will all be proud of. This, is our hour.
35. Fellow Compatriots, lift your gaze
towards the horizon. Look ahead, and
you will see a great future, that we can
secure with unity, hard work and
collective sacrifice.
36. Join me now as we begin the
journey of transforming Nigeria.
•I will continue to fight, for your
future, because I am one of you.
•I will continue to fight, for improved
medical care for all our citizens.
•I will continue to fight for all citizens
to have access to first class education.
•I will continue to fight for electricity
to be available to all our citizens.
•I will continue to fight for an efficient
and affordable public transport system
for all our people.
•I will continue to fight for jobs to be
created through productive
37. You have trusted me with your
mandate, and I will never, never let you
38. I know your pain, because I have
been there. Look beyond the hardship
you have endured. See a new beginning;
a new direction; a new spirit.
39. Nigerians, I want you to start to
dream again. What you see in your
dreams, we can achieve together. I call
upon all the Presidential candidates who
contested with me to join hands with us
as we begin the transformation of our
40. Let us work together; let us build
together; let us bequeath a greater
Nigeria to the generations to come.
41. I thank you! God bless you all! And
God bless the Federal Republic of

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  1. Let us work together; let us build
    together; let us bequeath a greater
    Nigeria to the generations to come.
    41. I thank you! God bless you all! And
    God bless the Federal Republic of